30 years of the LEGO 9V train: Metroliner (4558) in the Classic Review

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Created by: 2021, jan 19 17:24
LEGO Classic
LEGO Classic
2021, jan 19 17:24

On Promobricks.de is a new review about the 4558 Metroliner and its development. With exclusice pictures. Very interesting!

Just look here: https://www.promobricks.de/lego-9v-30-jahre-4558-metroliner-review/114271/

If you want to read it in english oder another language, just put the link in Google Translate. Then it shows the whole site in your chosen language.

Best regards,
LEGO Classic
2021, jan 24 16:27
modified: 2021, jan 24 16:28

And here is a further link with many beautiful models, which are never released by TLC:


Very interessting, just have a look!

Best regards,
LEGO Classic
2021, jan 30 19:10
Great article!
I was always wondering what exact people are behind all those awesome designs from 80s and 90s :)
Nice to see and read about one of those people.
Thanks Legobecker!
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