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Klasyka LEGO
Wpis w katalogu
Lots of dumpers could be found in Town theme in 1996 year already. However, in this case it is not any dumper truck, it is large-scale one. The set contains small excavator on wheels and road sign for lane change. It is an interesting combination released at the end of Town theme, which undoubtedly enriched the consstruction crew. The vehicles are present in two presentations in the 1996 catalog, but are fully visible in only one. Below you can see the dumper and a digger in action during the further build on the great mountain.
Klasyka LEGO
Źródło: 1996eu.pdf Katalog 1996 EU: Strona 4 i 5: Town


Large-scale tipper has the largest cargo box available in Town theme. Definitely it can transport more parts at the time and big plates no longer makes such a problem.
Klasyka LEGO
Zestaw Lego-125 z 1969r
The container was constructed of four bricks. Two standard plates and two special bricks connecting the plates together at an angle. These bricks to my surprise are present for a very long time and have been used in several sets in Trains theme. I have quite a few sets from Town theme already, but this special connector brick is present in this set only.
Klasyka LEGO
Prawdziwe Volvo BM A25
However, evidence in the form of a LEGO-125-1 set from 1969 clearly shows, that this brick had been used in the construction of the container on the train wagon very long time ago! Dumper's cabin is closed and it does not have a doors. Six of the biggest wheels available in Town theme has been used here, which fit perfectly with dimensions of the truck.
Klasyka LEGO
Skrzynia ładunkowa
It is worth mentioning that the tipper was probably designed based on a real Volvo BM A25.
Klasyka LEGO
Porównanie z Volvo
I managed to find an indestructible high quality toy, which is the replica of a real Volvo BM A25 truck in 1:50 scale! The model is made of metal and is bending in every possible way. It even has a hydraulic lift for container. I present the gallery of a LEGO dumper compared to the original Volvo BM A25 below. Undoubtedly, the resemblance can be seen!
Klasyka LEGO
The second vehicle is a small wheeled excavator. The entire upper platform rotates 360 degrees. Gripper arm is constructed on three hinges, giving you the ability to seamlessly scooping debris. Operator uses two levers to steer the excavator.

Two workers available in this set are dressed in new blue worker's overalls. The driver of a dumper has glasses and digger's operator has a mustache.

I present photo from one of the many galleries of larger structures building process available in reviews.
Klasyka LEGO
W trakcie budowy budynku straży pożarnej

Alternative constructions

There are five interesting designs proposed on the back of the packaging! All have been described below or will be soon along with their own photo galleries.
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