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LEGO Classic: LEGO 6593 Blaze Battler
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Klasyka LEGO
Wpis w katalogu
 As a toy fire trucks were always interesting and desirable. Red-and-white colored trucks imitated the impressive, grand and functional real fire trucks, which as a child you could see at the various firefighters shows. It didn't take much for desire to born in a head of a kid to possess such a vehicle in miniature scale. Especially when the toy was high quality and have several features to play with. Below you can see the truck in action during fire fighting next to the airport in cooperation with a large jetport fire truck LEGO-6440-1.

Klasyka LEGO
Źródło: 1991eu.pdf Katalog 1991 EU: Strona 10 i 11: Miasto


Klasyka LEGO
Pojazd i strażak
 This is one of the smaller fire trucks, but in own way it is unique. It has an additional water tank in a small trailer. An interesting solution that allows for an additional charge when you connect the gray hose to the slot available in the lower part of the vehicle. Cabin does not have the doors, which usually happens in the fire trucks. However, the roof is normally hinged and openable. Behind the cabin is a roller with a long hose to extinguish fires.
Klasyka LEGO
Podpięcie węża
It is useful with two-stage rotary ladder when there is a need to extinguish a greater fire in higher buildings. Firefighter should not have problems to reach the third floor. Above, it may be a problem and larger vehicle will be needed. Firefighter has to his disposal a yellow fire extinguisher, useful for small fires. That's not all, because as you know, fireman's job is not only subduing the fire.
Klasyka LEGO
Rozwinięcie drabiny
There are cases when he will need to cut or split something to save the victim. For this purpose the hatchet under a ladder has been mounted. Ultimately, when a firefighter finds that he needs backup in the form of eg. fire helicopter or a larger fire vehicle, he has a shortwave to his disposal. Everything at the grasp of the hand to quickly and efficiently carry out the rescue. Such small details made the Lego sets brilliant in Town theme. Designers tried to think of everything to gave us the best what they could. The beginnings of the 90s was a definitely great time for Lego and sets released in those days are remembered until now as one of the best.
I present one of the many images of the extinguishing process of a three-story house below.
Klasyka LEGO
Gaszenie pożaru trzypiętrowego domu z alternatywy zestawu 6349
You can check out more over here.

Alternative constructions

Small set? Just 126 bricks, but as many as 5 alternative proposals on back of the packaging are available. All can be seen in greater detail below. Two fire trucks with ladder in another version, fire rescue truck without ladder but with a hose to extinguish fires or even an ordinary truck with a trailer. That's not all, because racing car proposal could not be missing. In this case, dragster has been proposed.
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