LEGO Classic: LEGO 6396-2 Racetrack LEGO Classic: LEGO 6396-2 Racetrack
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Alternative construction

In this proposal you can build a part of a race track consisting of two straight runway plates. Interesting use of aircraft wings to make the roof hanging on a large windows. Under the roofing there are seats for observers of the race. The building on the right side can be used as storage for tires or other items.

LEGO Classic
Closer look

Additionally, it is possible to make two small low-profile race cars. First one in a red and white colors is fully operational. The second racer is broken, because it misses one wheel axle. In the picture the designers cleverly presented car accident, but it simply does not have enough bricks really. This is not a problem though, because the wheels axles is available in lots of sets. I used a set of stunts truck, from which I've built an alternative proposal in the form of a helicopter with a racer, that is, Lego-6357-5. After the construction of this alternative at least several axles left  and I was able to borrow one for the blue racer!
That's not all, because after the construction of buildings around the track remained quite a lot of bricks. My proposal is to create a hangar to repair racers and glazed suspended observation point over the track!
Hangar can be created using panes of the airplane, which is quite a lot. Observation point was built using windows from the control tower.

To sum up, the set is an interesting alternative and it can be used to build the full racetrack even with a set from Lego-6381-1!
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