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small cars 
Klasyka LEGO
Wpis w katalogu
 Prior to 1987 only couple of small sets with race cars were released. Small cars were designed at the beginning like the set of Lego-6609-1. Different concept was tried in 1985 with a raised rear in a set Lego-6604-1 or in a limited edition LEGO-1528-1. However, race cars with raised rear have not been continued. No successors or special race track for them were constructed, just two such rarities released in the meantime. In 1987 it was time for a new idea and finally larger set appeared with finish line of the racetrack. Small set, but it had what you need - a small grandstand, pit-stop, mechanic and finish line. If you had couple of straight street plates along with couple curved ones, you could create an interesting racetrack. This was the beginning of LEGO racing sets.
Klasyka LEGO
Samochody wyścigowe
 I found only one presentation in two versions of this set from 1987. The scenery was differently presented in UK and EU catalogue. The fact that this set is so rarely present in catalogs is due to release his older brother year later - 6395-1: Victory-Lap-Raceway. New set completely overshadowed a small race track and since then only finish line with big red grandstands appeared in the presentations.

Klasyka LEGO
Źródło: 1987uk2.pdf Katalog 1987 UK II: Strona 16 i 17
Klasyka LEGO
Źródło: 1987eu3.pdf Katalog 1987 EU III: Strona 12 i 13

Set composition

Klasyka LEGO
 The base plate has two starting places and a driveway for a covered pit-stop. Minor repairs, and most importantly, change of wheels in racing cars is possible here. Pit-stop is equipped in a car jack, wrench, hammer and two spare wheels. Right next to the building is a barrel with fuel. In addition, red fire extinguisher is available. 
Klasyka LEGO
Łuk nad trasą
 Standard part of any pit-stop. Race cars tend to generate fire pretty quickly due to overheat.
Blue and red bow stands above the track, where small table hangs with arrows indicating the direction of the race and several control lights. On top of it, two waving yellow flags were placed. They nicely decorate the entire structure.
Klasyka LEGO
Small stands along with the control tower are present on the other side of the track. Inside this small and open control tower is a computer to operate the board and to control the course of the race. Operator have megaphone on the roof to his disposal, which gives him possibility to easily provide additional spoken information. The stands are small, few people can fit on the platform. The rest have to settle for a view at the ground behind a barrier along the racetrack.
Klasyka LEGO
 That's not all, because in the corner is a cameraman with a large professional camera on special stand. It rotates 360 degrees and can be further lowered. There is no greater problem to direct him to the desired location to record the course of the race.
Klasyka LEGO
Two race cars are included with this set, constructed in a similar style. 2x4 flat rear spoiler at a slight angle with front 2x4 bumper. Two low-profile racing cars on standard small wheels - ideal for racing on a flat track. It is worth noting that drivers still have the old style helmets. Elongated and without glass. Unfortunately, these helmets have one drawback, the lower edge often broke. In 1988 new helmets were introduced with a more robust lower edge for the chin and with the possibility to attach the glass to it. 

Five figures are included in the set.
Drivers - two drivers in overalls and helmets of the old type without panes.
Cameraman - usually he occupies a seat at the camera. This person wears a white trousers and a sweatshirt with blue stripes with red cap on his head.
Observer - one observer figure in a blue shirt and gray pants. However, it may as well be a commentator.
Mechanic - the last figure of the mechanic dressed in a red apron.

If you like to know more about Lego racing sets, please visit the review of older brother, spectacular 6395-1: Victory-Lap-Raceway set. It was the biggest racing set, one of the most playable from Town theme.
I present below the finish line at the G-Prex-Circuit scenery.
Klasyka LEGO
G-Prex Circuit

Alternative structures

Several proposals can be found on the back of the packaging. Most of them  are other versions race track finish lines, but nevertheless it is quite interesting and in time they will appear here as an alternate sets with galleries.
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2016, jun 27 11:41 (59 months, 13 days ago) by Evans
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