Industrial part - Foundry
2017, dec 8 11:12
{gal_image:legoscene_small_Foundry::img001} This scenery was built it order to present 6686 Backhoe set from 1984. So this layout contains mainly parts from the mid 80's to stay era-accurate. I wanted to include the backhoe in something different fro...
Industrial part - Harbor
2016, aug 29 13:24
This scenery was in my head since I got all those pier plates, more than one year ago. And I finally used this scenery to present my recent Harbor Shunting Truck creation. I had to design a boat, as I didn't wanted to use the ships from the two 1991 ...
Industrial part - Danone factory
2016, jul 24 12:16
I've made this scenery in order to show my Danone Truck MOC in situation. I've recently recieved an order and finally got the inspiration I lacked before. I wanted to show also others sets in the same category like 1989 LEGO-1952-1 MD Foods Milk tank...
Castle Memorial
2016, jul 8 00:00
I've made this scenery some weeks ago, after the anouncement of Daniel Krentz (1937-2016) death. He was a very talentous designer who made a legendary set: LEGO-375-1 Yellow Castle. This set represents the Castle line itself from its beginning. I've ...
Countryside - Metroliner's passage
1970, jan 1 01:00
Alternative constructions
Countryside - Recycling facility
1970, jan 1 01:00
Alternative constructions
Airport - Outside road
1970, jan 1 01:00
Alternative constructions
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