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LEGO Classic: Small sceneries - Residential area - Train tunnel

Residential area - Train tunnel

2018, oct 6 15:27
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This layout was made in order to show LEGO-6370-1 house. This layout have a particularity. It does not have only one "viewing side" but two. The first viewing side is the usual one, with all buildings facing. There, we can see the life going in this residential area.
The other viewing side of this layout shows a train yard. It's hardly noticeable from the usual view as it's at an inferior level. This allowed a tunnel to be digged, in order to make a train pass through. There are some workers unloading a bulk wagon in the yard, and some technicians are repairing a control panel.

In this layout, I've included some of my MOCs, such as a yellow house, a minitalia-themed house and the Spanish Villa that have already been presented on Clabrisic.
This layout was a first test of the inclusion of a train track at another level, in order to prepare, when I will have possibility (by this, I mean very long-term), about a whole train layout with level differences and a brick-built landscape.
2018, oct 6 14:40 (23 months, 24 days ago) by Evans
2018, oct 6 15:27 (23 months, 24 days ago) by Evans
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