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Residential area - Park

2018, mar 18 10:12
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This layout represents a part of a residential area, which mainly contains mediterranean homes, such as an Italian (Minitalia) house and the Spanish Villa I've built some years ago. This layout was made to present the Spanish Villa MOC, in order to have an updated scenery.

This layout is a mid-late 80's layout. There is a residential part and a park part with a lake. I've built a house with Minitalia parts which also have a garden and a garden shed. There is also a bungalow, which have been added a garage.The whole rear part of the layout is elevated, using green bricks to create a hill, and supports underneath the buildings. To make a nice solpe for a road to arrive to the houses, I've used a 8x24 grey baseplate in order to achieve this sloped street.
2018, mar 17 21:24 (30 months, 17 days ago) by Evans
2018, mar 18 10:12 (30 months, 17 days ago) by Evans
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