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Countryside - Recycling facility

2018, nov 2 17:04
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This layout have been built in order to present 6668-1: Recycle Truck Recycle truck from 1992.
It depicts a modern recycling center, as well as a landfill.
Entering in the yard is made by a sliding portal, that is maintained by bricks on its base. Just after, there is the guard's gate with its booth.
There is the office building, with the boss office. There is also a conveyor that can be used to load goods in a truck, but is seems unusued for a while.
There is also an enclosed place for people to bring their too big things they want to throw.
Then, there is a washing area for recycling containers. A shed is also covering a sorting area with plastic ad metal, papers and glass.

The landfill part of the layout is made with many Classic Town era parts. I also used the US-only Soil Scooper set from 1990. However, I don't really recommand doing so to make a landfill, as this bulk was very boring to sort after dismaltling the layout, because of the too big diversity of parts involved.

In the future, I will build another layout to show Refuse Collection Truck from 1987, but it should<be centered upon a more traditional landfill.
2018, oct 6 14:35 (30 months, 25 days ago) by Evans
2018, nov 2 17:04 (29 months, 28 days ago) by Evans
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