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LEGO Classic: Small sceneries - USA - NASA space facility

USA - NASA space facility

2018, jul 1 18:27
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This layout shows the LEGO-1682-1 set from 1990, which is featuring a space shuttle along with a launchpad.
In order to present this set in a layout, I've built a NASA facility, with the launchpad provided by the original set, a research center in order to develop and improve spacecrafts, and a shelter to watch the shuttle launch. There is also a parking space made of plates, which have a capacity of 16 cars.
The scene is packed of details from antennas to escaped testing monkeys from the research center.
TV and a big crowd is present to see the space shuttle installation before being launched. The truck from LEGO-6393-1 truck stop is used here to transport the biggest tank of the shuttle.

2018, may 16 17:24 (24 months, 27 days ago) by Evans
2018, jul 1 18:27 (23 months, 11 days ago) by Evans
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