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Countryside - Metroliner's travel

2018, dec 7 17:35
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LEGO Classic
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This layout is made to show 1991 LEGO-4558-1 set. Metroliner is the best 9V train of the 90's, especially considering all the bad late 90's passenger trains.
This layout shows a countryside landscape, with a large field, a road, and a rock wall in which a road is leading to a tunnel. Above the rochy part, there is a sort of agricultural warehouse,. Some old men are repairing some broken tiles on the roof.
4558 is running along the rocky part, to an unknown but surely a sunny destination.
2018, dec 7 16:29 (28 months, 23 days ago) by Evans
2018, dec 7 17:35 (28 months, 23 days ago) by Evans
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