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LEGO Classic: Small sceneries - Countryside - Hotel near the bridge

Countryside - Hotel near the bridge

2018, apr 3 21:54
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This layout was made in the last days of 2017, in order to present 6698-1: RV with Speedboat set. I wanted a grider bridge for a long time, and after having purchased grey Technic beams, I felt that time was arrived. So I've built the bridge first. In fact, this one is a "light" version from what I made first. My first version was absolutely sturdy, but was using too much beams and grey plates, so I had to remove them in order to have a presentable bridge. So I  have this version which is more fragile, but looks good to me, after all.

I already made a similar early 90's layout a while ago. But i wanted an 80's one. So I felt that 6698 was the perfect set to present here.
I also wanted different levels, so a river was a good idea as it gives a good look, and avoid using too much trees. I've also built a rural hotel and restaurant, inspired by a 60's design. It has an interesting British style. It makes me want to build a British styled layout...
We can see a family which is having a pic-nic on the roadside, with the kids watching the panorama view. There is also a man which is diving in the river from the bridge. Then, there are some wild garbages which were obviously thrown from the parking space, and an abandonned trailer.

On the bridge, there is a furniture delivery truck made with a 60's look, and a wood truck. I've built a store fot the furniture truck, but you will see it in an upcoming layout, in some monthes.

2018, jan 13 19:54 (32 months, 20 days ago) by Evans
2018, apr 3 21:54 (30 months, 15 hours ago) by Evans
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