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Classic part - Hospital

2017, dec 24 17:32
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This layout was made to present the prototype 380 Hospital from 1979. It was rebuilt from the pictures availlable, but it will be presented later. This layout is situated between 1979 and 1981, with early Town sets arranged in a usual setup. This layout has a 3x3 baseplates size.

There is 1589 Town square from 1978 at the back of the scenery, with 379 Bus station. There is also 1620 Chocomel factory and 376 house, folded in a way which makes the building is enclosed. There is also a pharmacy, inspired by a building found in Ben's 12V trains poster from 1981. My Danone Truck MOC can also be found here, I could have placed 1591 one, but it would have been too small, so here I only gave place to minifig-compatible vehicles. On the right is the exit of the town, with trees anda more natural environment. You can also note 542 set, which is US-only, that is present in a street work scene. This layout will be a part of a wider early 80's town made of four layouts.
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