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Industrial part - Harbor

2016, aug 29 13:24
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This scenery was in my head since I got all those pier plates, more than one year ago. And I finally used this scenery to present my recent Harbor Shunting Truck creation. I had to design a boat, as I didn't wanted to use the ships from the two 1991 harbor sets. So I've used LEGO-315-1 stickers design for the ship, and I've parted out my LEGO-4022-1 Coast guard boat as it was in WIP for too long and it lacked of stickers on the hull. So it xas an ideal part to begin a conatainer ship. It has a capacity of 8 4x8 containers, so more than the others Town era containers boats. I've used 6540-1: Pier Police Police station as it's my only harbor set, and you can notice that I've changed the cops to a personnal harbor police design made with coast guard torsos. I was searching ideas for a crane but unfortunately, I have those big "A" shaped metapieces in white and in blue but only one of each, so I couldn't build anything with. So Rogdush gave me some tracks to dig and I ended with this simple design, that only can put the coal in the ships, not containers. I also made a lot of different containers with 60's and 70's printed parts that I found were very suitable of this use. I've also made Maersk containers, without doors because of these are expensive. I made this scenery before recieving my 1x4x3 Lt.Gray frame.

In this scenery, I've placed the 6540 police station to check containers papers, a red crane to load coal or grain in the ships. There is also a train access with the train track build in the pier, like in real harbors. There is a freight car being unloaded wih bulk cargoes like barrels or boxes. I've also made big lights with Pirate black boat masts. I've also built two buoys. We can see a robber's boat who lost a suitcase full of money and another bad guy who is waiting him. There are some Shell barrels on the pier and some workers.
2016, aug 29 13:24 (36 months, 4 days ago) by Evans
2017, oct 13 11:16 (22 months, 14 days ago) by Rogdush
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