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Industrial part - Foundry

2017, dec 8 11:12
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This scenery was built it order to present 6686 Backhoe set from 1984. So this layout contains mainly parts from the mid 80's to stay era-accurate.
I wanted to include the backhoe in something different from usual street work scene. So I used it as an industrial vehicle, in a foundry. It's used to transport coal in the foundry to keep the stove hot. There is a sliding gate to enter. I've included a green delivery truck, and my Danone truck. There is also another factory, which produces goods It has a Dk.Gray-red color scheme, with a Lt.Grey roof. There are some pallets and an old lamppost. The doors in the front wall are 1x5x4 doors I used in a unusual way. There is also 6391 truck that is waiting for being loaded by a worker.

2017, nov 3 23:28 (13 months, 19 days ago) by Evans
2017, dec 9 12:09 (12 months, 14 days ago) by Evans
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