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LEGO Classic: Small sceneries - City center - Bus Station

City center - Bus Station

2018, apr 23 14:38
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This layout was built in order to show my parisian Bus MOC that is not presented here yet.
There is a typical French city-center scene, with many shops and the central bus station, from which most of the lines are beginning their travel. In addition to the bus station, there is also a Trolleybus line which is passing in the left street. This was a fun thing to design, and I like the way it ended up.
The bus shown are typical 70's-80's Parisian buses from R.A.T.P. company, with their green and white livery.
among the shops, there is a grand theater in Art Deco style, inspired by a 60's Lego glued model from Samsonite. It was a fun building to design. There is also a French café-hotel. There are ssome activities through the streets that you can discover.
Finally, the other shop row shows a furniture shop (for the truck shown in a previous layout) and a bakery.

you can note the brick-built tree which is simply made with arches and green 2x2 plates, so it could have been built in the mid-80's.

2018, apr 3 00:32 (37 months, 2 days ago) by Evans
2018, apr 23 14:38 (36 months, 11 days ago) by Evans
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