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LEGO Classic: Small sceneries - Countryside - Bridge over the river

Countryside - Bridge over the river

2018, jan 24 23:28
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This layout was made in order to present 6533-1: Police 4 x 4 police 4x4 from 1992.
This is the first layout on which I experienced building some elevated terrain. At first, I wanted to build another hill at the place of the river, but I did see too big compared to my green bricks bulk. So I had to build something that would not use any green brick, so a river was an ideal solution. The bridge was the first thing built for this scenery, as it was the main landscape model shown. This bridge is typical from French countryside secondary lines, so that's what pleased me in this model.
LEGO Classic
Policeman intervention
On the river is navigating a small boat with a dad and its son fishing. There are also two ducks swimming. On the riverside is a lazy man, which seems to have moved the fence in order for him and his motorbike to stay here. That's why the police offer stopped his 4x4 at this dangerous place. Policeman is going to control man's identity. There is also my dump truck creation which is going under the bridge.
On the train track is a worker which hold a red flag, indicating trains to stop because of work. We can also, on the night picture, see a freight train crossing the bridge. This picture highlights the man which is having a campfire just under the bridge.
On the upper part of the layout, there is a filed with the farmer, and a meadow in which there are some horses.

This type of layouts is one of my preferred, as I love such level variation. If ever I build a large Town layout, there should be such landscape. Nevertheless, this type of landscape is bricks-consumming. It's a bad thing for price, but it allows a very big possibilities, and easy storage.
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