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Airport - Midnight Transport

2018, oct 22 12:59
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As the name says that, this layout was built in order to display 1687 set Midnight transport from 1993. I couldn't build a layout for a "midnight" set without setting it up at night. I've made day pictures though, in order for you to see more clearly the details.
So we can see that the van arrived at the airport, with the helicopter to watch if there is any problem, in order to load their goods in the supersonic plane.
There is also the airport's fuel depot, in which there is a night worker, who is checking something on the big tank. There is also the street cleaner, that is washing the runway. Along with these workers, there are two airport guards that are patrolling with their light, but activities of these guys are not that suspect for them.
However, there is a police boat that is arriving near the plane hangar. Is there something bad that is happening?
Who are these guys? Are they undercover money transporters? Are they criminals? It's up tou you to decide!
2018, oct 6 18:49 (30 months, 25 days ago) by Evans
2018, oct 22 12:59 (30 months, 9 days ago) by Evans
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