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2017, mar 23 20:25
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Themes in cataloguesIntroduction
Hello dear readers, constantly thirsty for classics from the 80s and 90ts. A period in the history of LEGO sets that can not be forgotten. Sentiment or not, but the sets released in those days can not be accused of many things - they are timeless.
Further part of article
By putting together the presentations of the catalogues from scans available at, I found that something more could be done. I could put all the presentations in chronological order for every theme and subtheme from all the catalogues. We will get a pretty cool journey in time from the very beginnings and birth of the city or medieval castles to quite advanced presentations of more complex lands and structures from the bricks.
At the moment you can already see some of such listings here. It is available under the name "Themes in the catalogues" in the LEGO brickbase menu. I invite you to travel through LEGO history from the very beginning of the chosen theme.
Currently the story ends around 1987. I will add more presentations from all catalogues in time.

If you can, let me know in comments below what you think about such an idea. Thanks!
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