Ninth part of Bebricton City

2016, nov 19 12:49
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Ninth part of Bebricton CityIntroduction
I present the ninth part of the Bebricton City - Racing organized by Octan company.

Further part of article
Unfortunately, the preparation of each new scenery takes me more and more time. Selecting the best shot and the final image processing can also be time consuming. Therefore, the time between scenery releases is quite long, but I do not lack of ideas and it is certainly not the end. There are still 7 parts and I have a few ideas already.
In this part of the city a races are organized by Octan company, where I put most of the sets from the 90s. In addition, there are a few of my designs as the race control center, large bridge with shops underneath or the small fire brigade building.
You can notice one thing. All buildings in the mid-90s already had new 6-stud windows with two parting. This is the fire station 6571-1: Flame Fighters, coast guard building or police station with the prison in a separate building on the water. All are present here. The train and railway station are from the mid-80s only.

It is worth noting that most of the pictures I've have prepared are in widescreen format (16:9). Most of us use widescreen monitors, so you can see more. The main image is still in 4:3 format, because it was better for me to present the whole scenery in such way. The first four pictures are 4:3, but the rest is in 16:9 format.

I invite you to check it out here!
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