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2017, feb 1 08:55
LEGO Classic
LEGO Classic catalogsIntroduction
You can browse classic LEGO catalogs at now!
Scans in good quality are available for viewing.
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Most recently, when I was viewing one of the sets at I've noticed that there is a new "Catalogues" tab, where you can view the catalogues in which there is an entry present with the set. I could not believe my eyes, because here finally we have a great resource with a set of scans of most exquisite classic LEGO catalogs in good quality! Honestly, I was trying to do something similar on Clabrisic, as in paper form I have already gathered a lot of catalogs and in electronic form I have not been able to find any meaningful resource. However, I do not have a scanner, simply because I never needed one. I was thinking about buying it, but now it may turn out to be unnecessary. Most of the catalogs I have are available at already.

Feel free to check it out here:
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