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2017, feb 4 11:52
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New section have been created on Clabrisic - Catalogues.
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 LEGO catalogues from the 80s and 90s are still special to me. Although I already know most of the fairly well, it is still nice to watch those excellent presentations. They surely have some magic. You can see sceneries presenting an action happening in the Middle Ages, in the city or in the space. However, the most important is the arrangement of sets and the type of presentation. Interactions between figures are usually natural. You can find interesting poses and funny interactions between the characters in the background. Unfortunately, at the end of the 90s designers had an outburst of fantasy and flying cars or street sweepers in the desert began to appear in catalogues. Do not get me wrong, presentations were still interesting, but so unnatural actions lowered their value.
As I wrote a few days ago, catalogues scans in good quality appeared on recently. I use pictures from catalogs in every review at Clabrisic, to provide presentation of a vehicle or a building in action not only in my own sceneries, but also as designers presented it in the original catalog. Usually I've took a picture of the catalog or flyer that I possess in paper form. However, this is by no means as good as the ordinary scan.
Therefore, with the approval of the administration I decided to create a new section - catalogues, where I will put two-page sceneries from catalogues in a single image form,for presentation purposes in the reviews. Of course, the full PDF can be viewed on and feel free to check the full list of catalogs.
This way you will know immediately from what catalog the presentation is. I will update all reviews in time to use the images from defined catalogues from new section.
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