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2017, feb 23 23:23
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Instructions for custom setsIntroduction
First full instruction to create one of the custom set is available at Clabrisic now!

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I wanted to do this for some time and finally I've created first instruction of my own set.
This instruction has been created with the LDD using Blueprint. I think it is quite simple and clear. You can find it in the panel on the left side just below the description of the set 90034-1: Monster Truck.
I will create such instructions for more interesting sets presented in custom sets section. Especially those that are designed with a purpose of subsequent reconstruction. In such cases, I try to design more stable structure or vehicle, using the appropriate color scheme and of course providing the most interesting features. The style of my custom sets is always classic and it will never change on Clabrisic.
Another structure for which I will prepare instructions will be the Nina's House.
I invite you soon!

If you would like to see the instructions for one of custom sets available at Clabrisic or alternative proposals of original sets, let me know in the comments here or by sending a private message.
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