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2017, feb 2 21:16
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Building the car factoryIntroduction
New part of the Bebricton city - industrial area has been added recently. Today I present a gallery of the building process of the large car factory located in that area.
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Factory is quite a long building, which contains the car production line of the sedan type. It was presented in 90041-1: Car Factory. Two warehouses with the car parts are located near the factory. I had to disassemble the building to recover the bricks and space for the next sceneries. However, I'm pretty proud of this design, because it is seems to be the first in which I was able to fit quite practical solutions using standard bricks.
Therefore, I decided to create a gallery from the building process of the factory, which can help in rebuilding process to me or someone else.

I invite you to check out the gallery with 140 pictures here.
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