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2016, sep 17 22:41
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Bebricton \- ParadiseIntroduction
I invite you to check out new part of Bebricton city - Paradise!

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A few days ago I wrote a review of the most famous in my opinion set in Paradisa series - 6416-1: Poolside Paradise. The building has some unique elements that make it quite interesting.
Bebricton city have just been expanded by new part - a paradise island. City residents can now relax from everyday life by going to the there.
The idea to create the scenery was in my mind for a long time. Sub-theme Paradisa deserves it without a doubt. Series has a small amount of sets, but they are just brilliant. Very well designed buildings, vehicles and even clothes and faces of all characters.
I invite you to a full description of the scenery here.

Taking the opportunity I mention about the changes at the webiste, which people who reguarly visit Clabrisic have noticed already. The page has new background of the Bebricton city, more readable font in reviews or transparent background in each frame, which makes the background more visible. In addition, I optimize the page continuously to get it load faster.
I also invite you to watch random images, where you can watch some random photos from all available at Clabrisic such as photos of reviewed sets, sceneries or building processes.
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