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LEGO Classic
LEGO Classic
2018, dec 10 11:55
modified: 2018, dec 13 11:12
No Evans,
i never seen printed vest for workers, Can You share photo of yours ?
also i made check of other sets what I own, also labels.
LEGO Classic
2018, dec 15 21:54
modified: 2018, dec 15 21:55
If I remember correctly, I've seen these on some sets picture, maybe 1978 trains sets, I've not checked. I got mine in a yard sale, from a people who was selling random minifigures, so I can't say that it belongs to this minifigure.
On the printed one, chevrons are bigger than on the stickered one.

Here's attached a comparison picture with a stickered vest.
LEGO Classic
2018, dec 16 03:19
The printed west definitively exists:

I am almost sure it belongs to one of the sets that came with stickers for the vest:

TLG began by printing sticker sheets for minifigiures but then improved the quality by printing on the minifigures. So I guess few of these sets came later without sticker sheet and with printed vests.

Evans: I find the set 7710 very nice and cute. This is a nice model presenting the Legoland of late 70s and early 80s. You should be happy having two or three copies of it and you can make a train with many wagons :-)

My new purchases:
6395 sealed
7722 MISB missing the cable
7735 MISB missing the motor and sticker sheet. I think I am going to return it because it was not correctly advertized and I paid too much for this.
6387 MISB (seals opened)
6377 used but with complete trays and two incomplete sticker sheets
6679 with very good box and new sticker sheet
6622 MISB
6686 one plastic bag is opened and 3 parts are missing but this copy comes with sticker sheet so we changed its inventory on bricklink!

I started following the route of Michal and bought some small sets with their cute boxes! :-)
LEGO Classic
2018, dec 16 12:29
modified: 2018, dec 16 12:32
For the printed vest, I was indeed referring to this BL entry. After searching a bit, this printed vest may be from set 607 (1979). The only stripes in this set belongs to this vest, and some of the other sets featuring a stickered vest had also stripes stickers on the vehicle, so it would be logical that their vests are stickered too. On 607 box and instructions, we can also see the printed vest, but it's not linked in BL, and sellers who have a picture shows stickered vests. So, maybe that they switched later to a stickered vest for 607 set, at least. The reason would be logical, the flexible material used to manufacture this part is not very printing-friendly, as print does not stay well on it, it's very easy to scratch with the finger. So a sticker is way more sturdy than a print, on this part.

I have two 7710, one with box, sticker sheet and instructions, and one with only parts. I'm not a big fan of the locomotive as it is delivered in the set, but after having built a tender for the locomotive, it looks better. I will have to convert the two cars in only one, so I will have two long cars to be pulled. When I first ran my 12V oval, on Wednesday, I had fun with 7710 (4,5V) and my 12V locomotive MOC (old fixed motor). I also have another 12V locomotive that I've MOCed, but I need a modern 12V motor (with pin). I must find new rims, as it had issues going uphill, as mine are dry. Straight rails are cheap, but switches are something other...

I must say that these are AWESOME purchases! Very nice boxes, and you got 6679 sticker sheet! 6387 in in my to-buy list too, but I'm searching for a european box. I wasn't careful, but my 6686 have stickers too, it's nice that you got a unused sticker sheet! you gat a nice 7722, with a red-switch wagon!

By the way, do you know what could make a battery wagon not work? I've a 7722 one which seems good at the interior, but it doesn't work. And I don't want to open it, as it'a destructive method...

Very nice sets, hat off, again!
LEGO Classic
2018, dec 17 10:04
so i found both vests, and printed and with sticker in my collection
indeed printed is in 607 set (i own boxed, not mixed set)
but also i do have second 607 and it's with sticker 
LEGO Classic
2018, dec 21 14:04
Michal, was your 607 in new condition? I should try to find a way to add this info on bricklink.

Evans, I don't think 6387 comes with an European box. It was only sold in US and Canada. Am I wrong?!
and yes, I know how to make the battery wagon work again. My first one was not working. After two hours of work, it started to work and making the motor run. Begin alone didn't stop me crying loudly out of joy! Write me a private message.

Unfortunately 7735 misses motor and sticker sheet. I also found out that two plastic bags of 7722 have small rips :-( so I think I am going to return both.

The strike of CanadaPost is ended and now I started to get my purchases. I write two posts tonight:
- 7727 with Danish/Swedish/Finnish box!
- 7740 with Danish/Swedish/Finnish box!
- 7858 and 7859 coming with instructions in Danish/.... language.
LEGO Classic
2018, dec 21 14:19
I also got many small sets. What I recently got was a lot that I bought from US. It was an excellent purchase. All boxes are in near perfect condition and very well kept! I send my special thanks to the previous owner of those sets. You can distinguish those sets as they have an US box.
The middle one in the center is my FIRST Canadian box coming with texts in English and French "Jeu de constructions". The nice era of Canadian Samsonite! So sad their licence got revoked in 1989. It says "28 pieces". Apparently the US version came only with one sticker saying also 28 interlocking pieces. See the last photo.
The left column are the sets I alredeay had. 
The box 6647 is empty but I will find its set and instructions, I promise you guys! :-)

Michal, am I now part of the club? :-)

LEGO Classic
2019, jan 2 15:52
Hello guys!
As usual for chirstmas, I got recent sets. It's the only time of the year that I allow myself to but such sets do avoid being late. So I got the Brick Bank modular building, the old fishing store in Ideas theme, and two City sets: Fun at the Beach and Hospital. Althrough, I couldn't afford the Winter village fire station, as I reallly find it expensive for what it is.
I had a very good time building the modular and the Ideas set, really fantastic sets! There were many great techniques However, the two City sets have decieved me. Fun at the beach set has many great minifigures, but some that are seen and seen again. I like having new things in such sets. And I did find the City Hospital very bad. I was full of hopes, as I missed 2006 one and 2012 one, I had opportunity to get it for less than 60€ and it does not worth more. HALF of the sticker sheet is dedicated to the ambulance! It's a shame! I took 2/3 of the building time of the ambulance in putting the stickers rightly. Especially considering that putting 2006 ambulance in front of the set does not detract from the style... The building is also very weak. As I thought, it's only relying on 1x6x5 panels to have height, and the facade looks very boring. So City hospital was a big disappointment.

I'm now looking for 60200 City center set, but I won't spend more than 90€ for it, cosidering the only interesting things in are the bus and the Hotel...

Really nice collection, Reza! I hope your Canadian boxes collection will grow this year, as these are nice pieces of collection!
6647 is a lovely set, and fits well in the late 80's even if it's from 1980. I like these city service tractors, these are used for everything in smmall towns.

LEGO Classic
2019, apr 23 20:45
It's a long time since someone have shown its catch!

So, I've been getting many bulk orders, many Lt.Gray and Dk.Gray parts to build landscape.

Also, some sets: 4544 car loading station fron 1994, and last week I bought a big childhood lot from a guy with many sets: 7823 12V gantry crane, 7722 4,5V train, 6385 Fire station (with box), 5541 Model Team Hot Rod in as new condition and 4030 container boat.
I picked-up this lot specifically for 4030 boat, that is very rare to find with instructions in France.
Baseplates are missing, and only exterior boxes are present.

I also bought a 6366 Fire Squad with very good box for 40€.
LEGO Classic
2019, may 22 01:27
Wow. Nice loot Evans. 12V train with box is hard thing to get. Congrats. The train itself seems to be in very good condition along with other sets. I am still very fond of 12V, the best trains ever :)
I was absent for sometime myself lately. I will check forums more often.
Unfortunatelly i have nothing to show. Havent got any special loot or set lately. Just bought some small stuff or random bricks when I find good price, but generally its a bit slow on my site. To be honest i almost ran out of space and on the other hand i have almost all sets i wanted to have. Nevertheless, the hunt still continues :)
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