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LEGO Classic
LEGO Classic
2018, oct 6 10:51
I have received few parcels.
The first was from UK: 7810 with UK/I/F box and new sticker sheet! I took a photo of the two different boxes I have so far. I still need he Nordic one. Actually found one in Finland but it was not in good condition so I didn't buy it.
Other sets: 6365, 6362 and the truck 6367! Finally I found it with a good box. I love trucks. I remember when I was very little (between 4-7 I would say), my father tool me to his work project, somewhere far from the city. He had a truck and asked the driver to give me a ride. Woooow! The steering wheel was so big I couldn't hold its two ends with my little hands! :-)
Evans: The shipping costs of these four sets was about 18.5£.

I also bought from Germany, another 7750 without the tender (no red motor) but with almost all trays including the lid. My previous box missed the lid, so now I have a complete box. It also comes with a perfect instructions and used sticker sheet.
Evans: The shipping costs ended up being 13.5€. At the beginning, the German seller quoted 38.9€! But I showed him how to find the right product of Deutche Post! :-)

LEGO Classic
2018, oct 6 12:39
For 7750, maybe they only produced too much of these in 1980 and tried to sell their stock until 1982. This was a very expensive set, after all, for the price of this single locomotive, you could buy a push-along train. In the Lego Collector guide from 2011, this set is written to be sold from 1980 to 1982.

For 7710, so you never noticed such production error? I've exchanged the correct door with my friend, as she don't mind about rebuilding 7710. I've built a long carriage at the place. I will post a layout I made a while ago on which we can see it.

About battery wagons, do you know how to replace the magnets? I have two which have broken magnets, and it seemps impossible to remove the magnets without breaking these.

No I can't risk removing it. This sticker is way too sticky, and it would leave a lot of glue residue if I would remove it. At least, this sticker is somewhat era-accurate, so I don't really mind.

Good deal on these boxes!

Yes! It would be a very good idea to make such a topic! Do not hesitate! :)

Last week-end, I came to a yard sale and found a 4558 Metroliner with box! Alog with five other 90's boxed Technic sets. I made a very good deal, even if the train is ust missing instructions, some minifigs, and a train base. I paid a bit less than 60€ por the whole lot...

Also, here's my new wallet! Now, it will say me "buy Lego, buy Lego until I'm empty!"

For me, La Poste shipping rates are rather "normal", it's almost the price I pay from USPS to make arrive shipments to France. It's still too expensive, but it seems normal for me.

LEGO Classic
2018, oct 7 12:28
modified: 2018, oct 7 13:22
7750: I asked myself that question but I don't think that was the case. It is likely that it was not on the shelved in 1981-2 anymore. I have had lots of thoughts but my reasons sit on the production dates of the motors (that I checked, made a list) and the number of copies of each set that I see in the market. I believe the number of 7740 or 7725 that I see are about five times than 7750 (in Netherlands or Germany) but these two sets were sold for 4, and 5, years respectively. Then 7750 and 7730 were sold quite well. It is very unlikely that TLG stocked enough number of 7730 and 7750 in Netherlands but they didn't do the same with 7725 or 7740! I know they didn't, because I have seen plenty of 7740 and 7725 from 1981 or 1982 in Netherlands.
NO! I am missing something from the whole picture. What that is?

I have never had a magnet holder without magnet and I don't know how to put a new magnet in it. But if you want to remove the magnet holder, it is easy. You can then buy new ones. I have them too and can sell for cheap (I think they are expensive on BL). Except the one of 7722 that are black and expensive. I don't know if your battery wagon is the one of 7722 or not.  If it is, it would be better to buy a new battery wagon if you cannot put a magnet in the magnet holder.

The shipping rates of Italy are high too, but let's compare them with LaPost:
Up to 2kg: 38€ 
Up to 5kg: 53€
Up to 10kg: 106€

1kg: 30€  3kg: 36€  5kg: 45€  10kg: 60€
Now you can imagine how much it would cost me if I want to buy 4 small items from France?!

You have a nice wallet. The right way to use it is that you put some cash in it and you limit yourself to that one. Even if you buy online, take the same amount of cash from the wallet. This way you can continue to survive and have a normal life, not like me. I don't think there is any hope for me anymore! I wish I had a better obsession/addiction like Heroin ;-) :-)

I got my purchases from UK. This is about 5 different dacta items from one seller. It is a strange and different purchase comparing to all other ones we have put here. But you can guess why I was interested in it.
LEGO Classic
2018, oct 11 16:30
new in collection, 
all 4 boxed, complete, minifigures from proper era, without ribs :) sweet

considering that each set is older than me.. they are in great overall shape, mostly boxes I'm saying 

i see great and very uniqe sets from other members here, biggest surprise for me decta, boxed ... nice

and true... shipping cost from France it's something sick, even inside EU; for price what sellers are asking for some small sets i can ship inside EU from PL like 5kg i think 
LEGO Classic
2018, oct 14 14:58
modified: 2018, oct 14 15:04
About 7750, I really think it sold very badly. The fact is that it is a sigle locomotive, and that this locomotive may have sold well in 1980, as it was half the price of 7740, but in 1981, when 7725 was released, the two sets had the same price point. 7750 was something like 115 Florints (in NL) and 7725 was 120 Florints. So I think that any kid, and primarily any parent would have bought a whole 12V passenger train with track than a simple big (and maybe a bit old-fashioned) steam locomotive without any track. So I really think that from 1981, 7750 sold poorly, and that's why toyshops still had these for sale around 1982.
I think that the same can apply, in the 9V-era for 4551 Crocodile locomotive, it's rare to find with instructions or box (but easy to rebuild from bulk with two 4563). It's easier to find than 7750 as it was sold worldwide, but still, it's not easy to find with instructions. It may be bacause 4563 was a better value than a single locomotive. It's a logic and rational hypothesis, so I don't know what you think about. Unfortunately, for 4551 case, I don't have prices to compare.

What do you miss in my picture? Is it the burried 4558 under Technic sets?

In my battery wagons, the magnet holders are missing, so these are pointless, These were broken, and I tried to remove the remaining pin, and broke these too... It's not the magnet, by this the mettalic part that is missing, it's the plastic part holding the magnet.

These rates are very interesting, I would have not thought it would be so expensive for 10Kg. If you ever need something from different sellers from France, I can help you by making just one parcel. It would be useful for me to have someone who could do that overseas, so I can help if you need.

No, I don'y use this wallet that much, it's more a good collection item. And, don't try to save me, I'm already lost... The most important is to have pay for my student room, then I explode my Lego budget each month, so it would never be enough ...

What are the set numbers of htese Dacta sets? And you will open these? Considering these are basic parts that are easy to find used, I don't think it's so useful to open these 20 years old new parts. I would be a bit sad to open these vintage bags...

Nice sets, Michal, I love this cute 620 car!

I've recieved a package from a nice Danish collector, and he gave me some nice Classic Town items, along with the unreleased parts I bought him. I got a prototype minifigure torso from the mid 90's, what a dream! I was lurking at it for years!
LEGO Classic
2018, oct 29 15:56
hi all
new in collection,
all are boxed,
almost complete .. few minor missings, easy to fix from my bulk;
646 with original labels;
all are from France :) so extra label on each box, first few boxes in my collection from France
what's important for me, minifigs are proper 

LEGO Classic
2018, nov 2 18:27
modified: 2018, nov 2 19:36
Nice lot, Michal! Our boxes with their minor variation are nice things to collect. :)
That 6678 would have costed 11,40€ in 1980!

I also got some things lately. I have a fried who found me a very incomplete boxed 744 set. All the parts it contains are shiny, and there was Paramedic unit, Highway Patrol Van, the 1981 Red-Cross Helicopter and 6647. Stickers are in fantastic condition. However, I think he paid a bit too much for it (35€). There was also parts of 6374, but no baseplate nor cypress... :( I need one to complete the one I own...

He found also a boxed 8244 Technic set. It's very incomplete too, but it seems easy to complete. I already got one in September, so I have two boxed copies  now!

Then, I found a 7839 for less than 100€ thanks to a coupon I had on eBay! French box, but instructions are being flattened under heavy boxes of Lego. Parts are in new condition, all glass parts are shiny, not any scratche! It's now joigning my 7838 goods station I had for my birthday.
I was rather disappointed by this set, the loading system is a good idea, but it's hard to park a car realisticaly on the wagon. I think I prefer the system used in 167 set (or 7777 book), with the car being loaded on the end of a track, allowing vehicles to run through all the wagons of the train to be parked.
Another thing is that this set does not contain any particulary interestig and rare part.
LEGO Classic
2018, nov 9 23:36
Last weekend's find.
I was very happy to find a train, but really disappointed that it was 7710... I already got one in the past and dismantled the locomotive, and then combined the two carriages. This train is so badly done, locomotive is really rudimentary for a 1980 set, and carriages are ridiculous.
This time, as I got a boxed set, I will only build another wagon, but I really damn this kid that placed these SNCF stickers so badly on the worst part of the set! And those DB stickers on the doors! I'm wondering what's best to do. Is it better to cleanly remove DB stickers on the doors and the locomotive, even if these are neat? I can keep those on locomotive, but I'm annoyed by these doors. All those misplaced stickers on the carriage will also be removed, it's pointless, but my concern are will the SNCF stickers survive to the operation? I've already replaced correctly the class numbers, and I'm not happy with the result, as these are transparent stickers.
There was a nice 854 in the box, and there was also two corpses... A passenger and the conductor have been killed by a dog, at a unknown date. Poor guys...
LEGO Classic
2018, nov 26 18:05
new in collection;
few are just empty boxes to sets what i own already .. few are complete boxed sets

and 605 presented in a set... why ? it's just so sweet :) so simple.. but so sweet :) three-digit sets ... they have something unique in them what I love :)
LEGO Classic
2018, dec 7 18:27
Wow! Nice lot of boxes! About 605, do you own the worker's vest as a printed part? As I did find one, but it's not listed in any set on BL. I see this one is stickered, as are most of these parts.

I'm waiting for a big lot of 50 straight 12V conducting tracks, so I will be able to have the beginning of a network. I don't have 80's cabling, so I will first use my antique 60's cables, with their odd connectors. I will have to purchase a motor with pin next year, as I've finished my first 12V locomotive MOC based on a S.N.C.F. train. I now have two 12V locomotive (MOCs) and a 4,5V set (7710 with a MOCed tender). I'm also still hunting old grays parts for landscape building, and there will be a bunch in my order.
I've also ordered 6 Redissh brown 32x32 baseplates on Lego's Brick and Pieces service, as it was belonging to Detective Office modular building that is to be discontinued. But tough price when I remember LUG bulk prices... I paid more than 8,50€ per baseplate... But I fear that BL price will then rise, so I'm careful this time. I've also ordered 1.600 flower stem parts on BL. I also fear it to be discontinued (not in any set since 2017, but customer service assumed that it would still be in production at least until 2020, so I'm carefull here too...), and for less than 0,03€, it was a way better deal than with a Pick a brick cup.
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