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LEGO Classic
LEGO Classic
2018, jul 29 23:13
Hi guys,
Hope you have had a nice summer.
I bought a new 7715 push-along train from US. One seal was broken but I bought it because its box was DK/S/SF (Danish, Swedish, Finnish). How this set ended up in US? Seems the father of seller bought it in Europe and took it to US.
Price: 450$ USD
Shipping charges: 47$ USD (I was charged 40$ USD)
So shipping from our neighbor is more expensive than from any country in Europe!
Unfortunately one plastic bag was opened. I filmed myself while opening the package to make sure if something goes wrong I had enough evidence. I contacted the seller without mentioning that. I gave him two options:
1) I return the set but he has to pay for the shipping from Canada to US so he loses 47$USD + this.
2) He refunds me 150$ USD
The seller refunded me 150+50=200$ USD (50ÛSD for the trouble I had). I accepted and left a positive feedback for the seller. I adviced him to open and check the content carefully before selling.

I have no intention to keep or open this set. I change the outer box and sell it.
LEGO Classic
2018, jul 31 21:04
Hi Reza,

I am having a great summer, thanks! It is a very sunny here in Holland. In fact, July was the sunniest July since 1906, when they officially started to count the hours that the sun is shining:-)

Another golden classic gem in your hands there, congrats! I have downloaded the pics for my picture collection; its outer box in DK/S/SF is extremely rare, so I can imagine you want to keep it:) 

LEGO Classic
2018, jul 31 23:36
Hi Ben,
There is one listing of 7715 from Denmark on bricklink but it was cheaper for me to buy this one and the switch the outer box and resell it, rather than buy one from Denmark whose condition is not the best. Also, I could use this NIB copy to correct the inventory of this set on bricklink.
Some time soon, I will buy led lamps then I can take better photos and send you whatever you would like to get. For next time, I can take few photos of my 7715 boxes. I miss the German one.

I believe I can surprise you even more some time soon.
LEGO Classic
2018, aug 2 17:45
Hi Reza,

Nice, I am already looking forward to it! 

LEGO Classic
2018, aug 15 23:44
Very nice 7715, Reza! It's so rare to find sets in such condition!

I came back from my holidays in the south of France, unfortunately, without finding any old Lego. But I recieved an order of LtGrey bricks. I was able to fill my box of Lt.Grey basic bricks (see before-after pictures), and after having seen so nice landscapes on the "Côte d'Azur", I'm now full of inspiration. I now hope to have enough parts to build some new layouts.
LEGO Classic
2018, aug 18 01:42
hi all
it's long time since my last update for new arrivals to my collection, last time for me was little crazy.
but as I'm in US i continue my great deals :) what's impossible to do in EU. for selected sets.
two NIB sets,
2148 seal is little broken but it's not open completely, so let's consider it's still NIB :) 
2152 - just great shape
LEGO Classic
2018, aug 22 02:37
modified: 2018, aug 22 02:40
Michal those two sets are so cute. I would love to have them too :-)

Evans, I spent a summer in côte d'Azur. Ohg, such a nice place. So hot. I was surprised the first few days I got there for why everybody was almost naked everyday, even Lizards! But after few days, I was myself half naked too. So hot and sunny :-)

My new purchase (actually I received them yesterday, but bought them some months ago)

-733 with all inner trays and instructions. I didn't check how much it is complete. But no baseplate. This set played a big role in torturing me when I was a kid... indeed I had only the empty box and dreamed to be able to build the beautiful models in the box. My mother got it for free from a toy shop because the kids of the owner had opened and took the parts! :-)
- 7859 sealed with later release of the box
- 7864 MISB with later release of the box
- 7710 with box and train. The box has good condition but the plastic windows is broken. I added a comparison photo of the two variation of boxes 7710 that I have. There is at least one more variation DK/S/SF.
- 7755 without inner tray but with sticker and insturctions.
- broken 12v motor for 5€! I will use it for repairing my other broken motors.
LEGO Classic
2018, aug 24 17:08
Awesome finds! The small set of Michal and yours trains SezaR... those are very nice :)
I was trying to get 7755 but its nearly impossible to buy it in reasonable price. You need to finally build some nice train scenery!
LEGO Classic
2018, aug 28 16:26
modified: 2018, aug 28 16:31
Wow, Michal, the 1997 Lego Truck is very hard to find! You made a great deal in buying such a set. I was able to get the 2004 re-release (10156) in as  new condition (one bag was just open, so I did build it. My biggest complaint about the re-release is that the Lego logo is the actual one (1998-present) and not the old one (1973-97). When ordering from US though, I was able to get some of the stickered parts of the original version.

Hehe, I can confirm it's a really good place for holidays. I spent three weeks there.

I love Universal Building Sets such as 733, these are so good part packs to complete Town layouts. In some of these were factories or industrial building ideas, which is very interestig by the fact there were not in the Town line.
775 is a nice locomotive. It's very bad that it's so rare, as it does not contains any rare part. This can't be said of the blue shunter locomotive...
LEGO Classic
2018, aug 29 01:51
thanks Rogdush, Evans, SezaR
all my MISB's what i have I'm still fighting with myself "open, or not to open... that's the questions";
most probably it'll end that i'll   buy each second to have in playable version and MISB will still be MISB

but it's not all, as I stuck here in US for little longer, please check new arrivals, some are easy to catch in EU but... some are really hard to find with instruction only even... and with box impossible...  or price ridiculous; 
all sets complete, with instruction, box, really great shape without any discolorations due to age 
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