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LEGO Classic
LEGO Classic
2018, may 8 20:07
Thanks for checking your motor. I don't think I will have other questions. I was hoping that your copy was a latest production run of 7722 but it is the earlies as the prodcution date of motor proves it :-)
It is interesting to note that the previous production date that I found for red motor is 45 2 appeared in 7730 (no other option). So Lego produced 7730 in mid November 1982 but 7730 was retired since 1983! I have since this motor 45 2 once in UK market and once in Germany.

For your set, you can follow bricklink to complete it. Pay attention to
- bricks 3001, 3002old and 3003old,
- interference-free 3241c that comes with the paper 117983a
 Some of your sleepers have grooves and some don't. The sleepers with grooves appeared in 1983 as they need it for the set 7866. But I know that TLG had left over so they used it for releases of 7740 in early 7740. Then why not in early releases of 7727? Maybe.
- For conducting rails, straight or curved, they should not have reinforcements as this started to appear in 1985. This is not yet recognized on bricklink but see my photo attached. Your copy of 7727 should come with conducting rails without reinforcements.
- Unfortunately your sticker sheets is kind of perished :-(

A questions: does the black roof 4509 has Id number engraved underneath?

* I have seen those Ikarus models. I would love mine to be bigger as I love the big wheels of 857. I will work harder on the appearance and functionality of doors, motorized steering,...
Also, I prefer to use rather parts from before 90s (or before 1995) but not strictly. This is for two reasons: 1) I am familiar with those not new parts 2) I have something against modern parts because they are too special. Some sets have parts that you can never use elsewhere. This is not Lego. For me, Lego some general parts and then you have to use your instinct to build what you like using only them. But TLG keeps making new parts over and over.

* I bought that 7727 because it came with other empty boxes. I didn't know the condition because the seller didn't upload more photos even after I requested so why I didn't bid high however I won the auction. So, before buying, I even didn't know if it came with a plastic window. It comes also with inner tray so that maybe useful in future.
I cannot use the plastic window of 7730 because it doesn't have one! Maybe the one of 7725 or 7735, 7745, 7722 but they would be different. I will use this one though as it would really belong to 7727. So it is original and of the right size.   
LEGO Classic
2018, may 9 08:30
modified: 2018, may 9 08:33
there are here some other active users, but as I'm not big fan of trains i'm in silence mode,
also I'm not pretty sure if new purchases topic is valid for such detailed discussion for trains?
i used to use this topic just for posting pictures of new purchases...
LEGO Classic
2018, may 9 17:49

@ Reza Michal is right this topic should only be used for showing our latest purchases.

I will very briefly answer your questions:
- the paper 117983a is present;
- the set has 36 sleepers, 12 with grooves,24 without;
- the conducting rails are without reinforcements, but with different serial or date numbers  (3-03, 5-03, 6-03);
- sticker sheet: the paper is yellowed, but the stickers are still OK;
- yes, black roof 4509 has Id number.

Now, let’s again use this thread only for our latest purchases, thanks!

LEGO Classic
2018, may 9 20:05
Hi Reza, you know, real 80's Lego fans are not so common in the Lego world, so I hope this community will grow and gather more of old-Lego fans.
I could make you these stickers, there is no problem, the only issue  is that my printer dn't print white, so I can't make transparent stickers. I'm limited with stickers printed on white papar. But I can print the background of the sticker according to the color you want the sticker to be put on. That's what I usually do. I've made S.N.C.F. stickers for my 7710 train car (as I don't like to see all 12V trains wearing German DB stickers even if the trains were bought in another country! I'm fed up of this! :) ), so I could do this for any other train.

For your store name, I think you should post in in the newly opeed "marketplace" section of the forum. That should be fine.

Old Ikarus looks nice, I had the idea of making a French Saviem SC 10 in Technic, or at least, in the Model-Team style, but I have many other projects that are way more important. I have too few parts to keep built on such a huge model.

Your train roof (4509) is odd as I thought part numbers were added on molds from the late 80's.  If I remember correctly, even the new 1985 2x4 brick didn't have a part number in the earlier ones.

I've finally recieved my 1682. I'm actually building it. Here's a picture of 7838. It's built, and I took pictures. I will prepare a layout soon, and maybe I will post a review here, as well for 1682, but later. I've my Midnight Transport review to finish.
LEGO Classic
2018, may 9 22:10
@Michal I actually started by commenting on others' purchazes which is ok. But then, Ben uploaded photos of his 7727. It was at this moment that everything went out of control! As my obsession for vintage trains is a world-wide-known fact, it was rather Ben's mistake to upload those photos ;-)

By the way, my username is SezaR not SeZar. The last capital R is the first letter of Reza, my name.

@Evans,Ben the Id number was known to have started in 1985, as the Lego historian, Gary Istok mentioned in his book. But we have recently discovered that the first part was train roof (4509) appearing in 7727 and 7755 in 1983.

To follow the rules, I upload a photo of my last purchase. They are empty boxes of two service packs.

LEGO Classic
2018, may 10 09:10
Hello Reza,
Your vintage trains know-how is really quite impressive! Massive thanks for your information on my 7727 train set parts!
Nice forum add-on, that new "marketplace":) I have added a link to my BL store. My store is still empty, because I don't have any plans to sell. In the future perhaps, I will. 
I am proud to have an historic Lego item in my collection (train roof 4509)!
1134 was the Battery Wagon, 1107 the Signal and Direction-Change Switch. Both vintage train service packs, sweet!

Hello Evans,
Your 7838 and 1682 sets are in excellent condition, congrats! I only have the outer box of 7838. It is hard to find. The alternate builds of set 1682 look interesting as well, especially that mini Oil Refinery!
LEGO Classic
2018, may 24 09:26
modified: 2018, may 24 09:37
No post for two weeks! What a shame :-)
While some people are on holidays, I have kept working on my train collection. Here is a sealed 7865 with new box design from 1989. My first ever sealed box after I went out of my dark age.
I have taken several photos of the copy right text and put it besides my two other opened boxes of 7865.
I am sure the motor inside the box is of type 4 (bb12vc) with slotted contact holes. The motor type 3 was replaced starting 1988 with the one of type 4. The very interesting and confusing fact is that there are motors in 1988 of type 3 and some others of type 4. So 1988 is the overlap between the two types. This was not the case for change from type 1 to 2 (black or red) in the beginning of 1981, the change from black type 2 to 3 in mid 1982, and the change from red type 2 to red type 3 in December 1982.
LEGO Classic
2018, may 24 09:32
Again my photos are up-side-down. Sorry for that.
I don't what happens technically but I know the reason: it is because I am left-handed
This is another discrimination against left-handed people, together with
- handle of doors,- how people put knife and fork on the table (knife on the right side! then how can I cut?!),
- toillet paper in the washroom always on the right side :-)
and so on...
Here are the rest of photos 
LEGO Classic
2018, may 26 08:54
modified: 2018, may 26 08:55
Awesome catch, that mint-in-box 7865, Reza!   

Too bad the pics are flipped upside-down :|

Fortunately, I have the same box. I have added correct pics:)

Will you keep your sealed box sealed?
LEGO Classic
2018, may 26 09:00
Recently, I bought a unique assorted box of 60 classic road and traffic signs! 

Now, I can identify different versions of the same prints! How cool is that?!  
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