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LEGO Classic
LEGO Classic
2018, apr 13 21:30
All in US as I'm here now. 
Thanks Rogdush
LEGO Classic
2018, apr 21 21:13
Thanks to the strikes in the national railroad company, I had one hour and half lest yesterday, so to avoid waiting for the train witout doing anything, the best solution was to have a visit to the Lego Store! I said that I had to avoid buying anything, but it was too much... There was bread (very odd to see them) and 1x1 red plates, along with 4x6 white plates. So I had to buy a cup... So I had fun filling this cup by stacking all the 4x6 plates that were remaining, after me, there was not any more of these. I also took 1x2 sand green plates, which are uncommon, and could be useful if ever I have a City project.

In the backgrund of the picture, you can see that I recieved 7838. I cleaned the set, and checked its inventory in order to give feedback to the seller, and I've packed it in order to build it on my 19th birthday on 28th of April. The train track is missing, some white parts were yellowed (including these 1x4x5 windows with fixed glass...) , and some were heavily chewed, so I replaced these scrupulously with era-accurate parts. Baseplate is very good! You will have a picture of that set built at the end of the month. The seller will also send the package for the NASA space shuttle, as I asked him to recieve orders in the USA in order to add them to the package, to avoid three distinct trans-atlantic expensive postages.
LEGO Classic
2018, apr 22 02:44
@Evans The box of set 7838 is very rare, as is for the sets 7727 and 7755. I don't have any good explanation for that. 
I know where you found this one. The seller was also French. As I am also investigating for this set, I asked the seller few questions, like a photo of the black hinges and if the base plate have white dots. I have a photo of a MISB 7838 with base plate without white dots. Since I know that the hinges with solide studs were replaced with those of hollow studs at the end of 1984 and that the set 7838 was released until the end of 1986, I expect that some copies of this set came with black hinges of hollow studs.
Asking Ebay sellers about hinges is the most annoying things. If I ask them if the hinges are of hollow studs or solid studs, they won't understand well and if they answer anything, I won't believe them. If I send them a photo of the hinges and ask them to take a photo of their hinges, they might reply "these hinges are present on the train" without taking any photo! And sometimes they take a photo, but some other parts are assembled on the top of the hinges!! pffff

I have plans to start selling on bricklink too. I got too much already and need to get rid of them.
LEGO Classic
2018, apr 22 15:12
Great catches gentlemen! Very rare stuff you found there, congrats!

I have bought something less rare, but still cute: set 7816 with box and instructions!

@Evans now your Shell stickers are very helpful, because my 7816 does not have these, so thanks again!

LEGO Classic
2018, apr 23 15:19
Reza, I was really intriguied when I saw only three of these sets being on sale at  Bricklink. So I jumped on it, as I was desperately searching for a birthday present. As you can see, the 32x32 plate has white dots, and I confirm you that the hinges have solid studs, as have my 6686 backhoe. If you need more informations, just ask. :)

Selling, for a collector (at least for me) is so sad... My collection have overtaken 1.000 sets this year, so when I have possibility, I trade some of my newer sets for more interesting sets. These last times, I did buy only a few sets, but I've bought many parts on BL, in order to build more layouts. These are expensive, when you want unusua parts or parts availlable in a few sets.

Ben,  nice catch! It's always nice to have boxed train cars. I hope you will post a picture of your car with your brand new stickers. :) (and eventually including it in your next scenery?) :)
LEGO Classic
2018, apr 24 09:09
@Ben, @Evans, what is the story of sticker sheets for 7816?
I have thought already about 3 seasons (9 months) to understand why the boxed train 7727 is rare. It is important to know that the red motor of 7727 is not that rare. It seems that most boxes of 7727 are destroyed, but that box wa as fragile as the box 7725. This one is not that rare.
I have never seen the box of 7727 on or What is sold in France? Where else one can find used Lego in France?
LEGO Classic
2018, apr 25 11:55
Reza, I've made a sticker sheet for Ben as I've made many original designs from 70's and 80's and self-made designs in Classic style. Some patterns are very difficult to find, and usually 70's stickers are rarely found in mint condition. It also allows me to give the size I want to some patterns, in order to fit specific needs. So I've made stickers for 7816, and I've also made BP and Total branded stickers for tank cars. I have to find time to build a layout with one of them.

I'm still hunting for a 7727 in France, but I've not found a lot of these, none of them had box. You know, Danone truck is way more easy to find in France, than some limited availlability sets like 6377 and 1472. So I can presume that 7727 is a limited availlability set. 6377 was sold in Carrefour supermarkets, as my boxed version wears a Carrefour price tag. I'm searching for a Carrefour catalog to confirm the year it was sold, but it seems to have not been sold in all Carrafour, as I found a 1985 one, but it wasn't showing it. I think these sets are in a similar case in term of availlability.

I don't know any other good place to find used Lego. These are the two main websites.
LEGO Classic
2018, apr 25 18:12
modified: 2018, apr 25 18:34
Et voilà! I have whitened the white bricks of set 7816 thanks to April's sunny days and have applied Evans' stickers! Merci à vous, Soleil et Evans! 
LEGO Classic
2018, apr 26 19:57
modified: 2018, apr 26 19:58
Guys.. you really won't believe this... Today, I found a perfect 7727 with instructions and.. WITH BOX in a very good condition! According to the seller, everything is there, the engine was tested and works perfectly. Leaflets,  inside box, foil, cover foil, everything is available!! I am still speechless!
I will purchase it tomorrow. I hope I will be able to get some sleep tonight:) 
LEGO Classic
2018, apr 27 18:05
modified: 2018, apr 27 18:08
WOW! What a piece of beauty! It's in perfect condition! It sees that almost no one have played with, box is in lovely perfect condition! You even have all the papers! Did you get in in the Netherlands?
You made a fantastic deal, whaterver price was it.

You must use it in a layout! It looks to be a so good train...

By the way, stickers seems to fit perfectly your 7816! I hope you will be able to build or find more of these cars.
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