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LEGO Classic
LEGO Classic
2018, feb 13 08:11
Hi Rogdush,
I have questions considering your 7740 in new condition. This is for correcting inventory of this set as few things are not clear to me. How can I reach you?
LEGO Classic
2018, feb 13 18:31
hello @SezaR. You can write me a PW message through Profile button and messages tab. You have "write message" button there.
You can also write any question here if you like. I've got 7740 in excellent condition, but it was not MISB. I did not open it. I can try to answer your question though.
LEGO Classic
2018, mar 3 13:08

Hi guys!

Right now, I am very busy filing tax returns for my clients, since I am a tax adviser. 

I only have time to buy LEGO, now and then here and there :-)

Very recently, I bought three sweet little boxed sets from my childhood: 6480, 4015 and 6373!

I already had 4015 and 6373 (both not in box). But the price of the boxed sets (22 each postage included) was too nice to skip them.

Enjoy the pics, see you!


LEGO Classic
2018, mar 3 13:18

More pics!!

For more pics on set 4015, take a look at Michal’s post 2018, feb 8 14:28

LEGO Classic
2018, mar 3 14:56
New in collection 4012
LEGO Classic
2018, mar 3 21:47
Among my latest purchases are some huge parts orders, with more than 200 2x4 green bricks in order to make more landscaping, a bunch of Lt.Grey 2xX bricks and some other parts. I've also recieved my 1472 last week. The box is in good condition, and parts are in perfect unplayed condition! I will part out my 6388, as parts are in very played condition.

Nice lot, Ben! You made a great deal on these sets! 6480 is a nice set, but sound is very... boring... :)

Michal, do you have more pictures of this boat? It's a mid-late 90's set, I would like to know how well does it fit with usual Town sets.
LEGO Classic
2018, mar 4 13:16
you asking to put 4012 next to other boats? 
LEGO Classic
2018, mar 4 14:01
modified: 2018, mar 4 14:02
michal nice boat, nice box! The hull of the boat is one piece, right?

evans you even made a better deal than me with that rare set 1472, the box is ultra rare:not one for sale on BL!

Yes, the sound of 6480 is boring indeed; but it is one of the first LEGO sets withsound ever produced, so back in the days it was very cool to have it!
LEGO Classic
2018, mar 4 14:05
modified: 2018, mar 4 16:20
A couple of days ago, I placed a bid on another ultra rare LEGO set, the 1974 Maersk set, but the seller is not responding: (

The ship is not in a good condition. What do you guys think it is worth?
LEGO Classic
2018, mar 4 17:23
modified: 2018, mar 4 17:25
Michal, indeed, could you take a picture with other late 80's- early 90's boats of this size?

Ben, what a beauty! That set is very rare, there was only 20.000 1650 sets produced, which is five times less than our French Danone truck from 1980. :)
Considering the shape, I would say something like 500 Euros. Box is in not so bad condition, and instructions seems rather fine. Of course, hulls are destroyed, but it's usual with such boats, and especially with this one. Stickers are very good, so it's a good thing.
On BL, the ones on sale are in very good condition and are overtaking 1.000 Euros. So 500 Euros seems to be a good price conjsidering the box, instructions and stickers presence. You are just missing the leaflets
For information, six years ago, Gary Istok, the Lego Historian who knows well Lego's history from the beginning to the early 80's, estimated this set between 300 and 500 Euros, in used condition. But that was six years ago.

I don't wknow what you want if you want t keep it as it is or to restore it with better hulls, so consider eventually buying new hulls (have to catch the good deal on BL or eBay), or an incomplete set (likely for cheap) in the future.

I wish you the best luck with this set, it's a really interesting set.

By the way, do you have the two Maersk trucks from 1980 and 1985? These should go well with your other trucks. :) These are two other rare and expensive sets...
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