Wybielanie klocków - efekty

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Created by: 2018, jan 19 10:40
LEGO Classic
LEGO Classic
2018, jan 24 14:45
Interesting! I would not have thought about dismantling the lamp. I don't know anything in electronics, so I would not have tried such DIY...
You can use transparent tupperware, that's what I usually use. That would be nice to restore 32x32 baseplates, I have so much of them which are yellowed...
It's funny that you did not asot your parts... I's usually not recommended to whiten several colors at once, as it can be like in washing different colored clothes together, colors can mix themselves.
LEGO Classic
2018, jan 24 15:20
Usually I make sorting, white to white color to color.. and here was the same. Meaning that whole plain was in perhydrol it didnt meant that all was mixed. Only white was separated, rest colors were mixed.

With every naillamp You need to do some modifications because each lamp is equiped with timmer and in our scenario we need to bypass this.

Thanks for Tupperware idea but more I'm looking for glass, would like to put lamps under glasstube not on top. Glass is neutral for UV.

Going back to police boat... Did you tried black color to put to perhydrol? What was the result? Black began to brighten?
LEGO Classic
2018, jan 24 22:18
I have ordered UV 8W T5 tube lamp made for aquarium and I am going to test it. I've got it with shiny background to reflect light well. It will be 30cm long, so I hope it will give some light and that this light will be enough and efficient. Buying UV lamp for fingernails and dismantle new thing just to get the lamp out do not really speaks to me. Yes, I've found the timer is the most annoying shit in those lamps. When it comes to UV, aquarium, fingernail and disco is the purpose for selling them currently. It is hard to get just a UV lamp in store with lights. I will let you know what will be the result of aqua UV lamp.
Maybe we should just make the new topic on clabrisic.com about whitening? It is odd to continue this conversation in english here ! ;)
LEGO Classic
2018, jan 24 22:49
My both lamps are used... Got them from my second half :-) they were each tike replaced by newer model. Also You can check or allegro or maybe olx, ppls are selling everything, but indeed to buy new and diy just for our purpose sound strange.

Also I'm interested about how you will focus 30cm lamp to flash on bricks? I have 9w focused on 10cm surface.
Share photos Rogdush when done. Good luck :-) 
LEGO Classic
2018, jan 24 23:34
LEGO Classic
2018, aug 22 00:47
racamy do polskiego języka :)
Jak efekty wybielania po upływie pół roku? Czy kolor wraca? Jak przechowujecie zestawy, które wybielaliście?
LEGO Classic
2018, aug 24 17:03
Cześć Przemos,

Sprawdziłem wybielaną przeze mnie motorowkę pol roku temu przy pomocy lampy UV i niestety, ale zżółknięcie powróciło. Postaram się wrzucic pozniej fotę, ale ewidentnie widze niektore klocki żółte są ponownie. Zdecydowanie mniej niz na poczatku, ale jednak...
Moze cos zle robilem, ale nie wiem co na chwilę obecną. Wydaje się, że wszystkie metody są tylko tymczasowe i nadal nie odkryłem takiej, która by na stale wybieliła klocki.

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