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LEGO Classic: MOC 90043 Nina's House LEGO Classic: MOC 90043 Nina's House
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Place for ordinary house will always be available near Bebricton or any other city. There are still people that indulge in settlement at location outside the hustle and bustle of crowded cities. I present one of them - Nina.
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Windows opened
It is a small house in the red and white colors with yellow elements. You can see the number 2 sign and the lamp hanging near the front door. There is a window at the front and from the left side.
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Inside the house
You can find a burning fireplace on the ground floor inside the house. At the window level is a sink with a faucet and a small counter where you can put two transparent glasses included in the set. One bed with small lamp can be found on the first floor at the right side. To the left is a desk with a chair right in front of a small window mounted on the roof.
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Receiving guest in the garden
Outside there is a small fenced garden with two chairs, table and umbrella. It may be useful to receive visitors from the neighboring houses.
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Driving away
In addition, the set includes a small blue car that may be very useful for a woman living in the house away from the city.

Technical curiosities

I miss such houses during the layout of various sceneries, so I decided to create several constructions as normal sets. I designed this house by at least two principles. Consistent colors and stable structure. You may not see it at first, but the roof and the floor is fully stable. I will create a gallery of this house construction process in near future. If you are interested with such instructions, please write about it in the comments.
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2017, feb 8 11:58 (51 months, 19 hours ago) by Rogdush
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