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LEGO Classic: MOC 90013 Construction Centre LEGO Classic: MOC 90013 Construction Centre
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LEGO Classic
Upper view
We can say that this structure, which consists of two buildings, a crane and a workshop for heavy machinery complements half of earlier presented vehicles from custom sets and locates almost all construction machines from sets available in Town series.
LEGO Classic
Front view
The main building is the builders house. Ground floor is mainly a tool storage. On the first floor there is a room for construction manager, which has its own desk. On the bridge under the road is a crane whose main task is to transport containers on the platform imported by truck. The platform has a mechanism for lifting the container up to empty the contents onto the dumper located below.
LEGO Classic
The platform
Three containers with different bricks where included in this set. Under the platform there is a storage for heavy construction tools such as welder and pneumatic hammer. There is also room for construction signs.
LEGO Classic
View on the buildings
On the right side there is a wide repair pit for heavy construction vehicles. Left driveway can be opened sideways allowing the mechanic to get under the vehicle.
On the left side you can find a large table for recreational purposes. The last structure is a engineer's house on the left side of the construction centre. On the ground floor is a device for making the necessary drink for every engineer - a coffee maker. Next to the window, there is a young engineer's desk. On the first floor is a small room for chief engineer, where a desk and several electrical appliances is located.
The whole area is very well lit, as befits the storage of expensive equipment.
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